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Be ready for Fireworks

Be ready for Fireworks

Fireworks season is fast approaching. Unfortunately this can be a very stressful time for our pets (and for us as owners).  An estimated 45% of the UK dog population are thought to show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. One of my own rescue dogs suffered from severe sound phobias so I am very aware of the distress that this can cause but also the huge difference that treatment made to her life. Sound phobias can be treated and a combination of good preparation, behaviour modification and appropriate medication can be very effective.  Don’t let fears and phobias make your pets life miserable.

Throughout the run up to fireworks night I will be offering pre-fireworks consultations (charged at our standard first consultation fee) to discuss your pets fears and the most effective treatment to help them cope with the fireworks season.  In addition everyone attending a pre-fireworks consultation will get a voucher for 10% off the price of a full behaviour consultation allowing me to fully assess your pet and formulate a long term plan to address their fears and any other behavioural issues.

The following link gives some tips on preparing for fireworks night.

Handout – Preparing for Fireworks Night