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Bull / Ram Analysis

We have used a ram probe for many years to collect semen samples. Since 2007 we have been testing bulls after the purchase of a bull probe. Results have been interesting with many infertile and subfertile bulls lurking out on your farms! On a farm with several bulls this will show as a wide calving spread and more barren cows. EBLEX figures show that shortening your calving season for your suckler cows is critical to achieving maximum returns from your herd.

Each bull tested has a written report. This details the stages of the examination and concludes with a summary and advice about the future use of the bull.

We recommend bulls are tested 2 months before they are due to go in with the cows, so that any suspect bulls can be retested and replaced without interfering with the breeding season.

We can test pedigree bulls before sale from our breeder clients.

Please click the “Farm Animal” tab, then “Information” to read an article on bull testing written by Tim Bebbington