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We also had a museum of veterinary items on display at Launceston Show where you had to guess the use for each item. This generated a lot of interest and amusement. Thank goodness veterinary medicine has developed over time!

Here are the items on display and the answers in a clockwise direction:

Box 1: Post Mortem Kit particularly for investigating inside the skull; Cryotherapy set for removing warts and skin blemishes; Birthing forceps for piglets, they clamp around the piglet’s bottom jaw; Guarded knife enabling vets to cut inside an animal without damaging other organs; Wart remover, clamp the wart and twist to remove it; Syringe for administering anaesthetic for dentals in horses; Dental kit. Outside the box is a uterine infusion pump for cleansing cows after giving birth.

Box 2: A complete medical examination kit, for optic, aural, oral and back end examinations!; A pair of syringes; Tattoo pliers and stamps for tattooing pigs ears; a tracheotomy tube, primarily for emergency operations in horses with a collapsed larynx. Thanks to retired Castle Vets director, Johnny Mann, we have learnt that the mystery item (outside the box) is a gag for horses. There should be a wooden bar between the clamps which would be inserted into the horses mouth prior to examining.

This year proved to be another successful year for the Launceston Agricultural show, held on Thursday 27th July. The weather was kind and everyone had a good day out. This year we sponsored the young handler sheep classes and handed out a goody bag to each of the entrants. We had some great displays and competitions in our marquee and served our clients with drinks and baking from our very own staff. It’s lovely to meet our clients at the show and we hope you enjoyed the whole day as much as we did!

Click on each of the photos to enlarge them.

On Saturday 8th July we attended Liskeard Agricultural Show. It was a lovely day and we really enjoyed meeting some of our newer clients from the Liskeard area.

Some photos from our Open Day on 17th September. Everyone had a great time following the treasure hunt around the practice, taking in all the displays, demonstrations, competitions, slideshow, barbecue. There was chance to view farm animals and pet small animals with Margaret Green Animal Rescue and Launceston Cat Protection in attendance.

open day