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Important warning for all rabbit owners!

There are two diseases that are really important to vaccinate your rabbit against. We have seen cases of both of these diseases recently – they are in this area!

June 17th – 25th 2017 is Rabbit Awareness Week. This year we will be offering all rabbits a health check and 15% discount off vaccinations. In light of the recent outbreak we have decided to extend this offer from now until the end of June for all those wishing to vaccinate their rabbits against these diseases.

Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) causes rapid death from massive internal bleeding. There may be no outward sign of illness before death, so death is often put down to ‘heatstroke’ or a ‘heart attack’. There is a new strain of this virus (VHD 2) that has been causing death in rabbits recently. The time course is a bit slower, and rabbits may show that they are poorly. This strain of virus is also often fatal despite treatment.
VHD is spread by direct contact with infected rabbits, or indirectly via their urine or faeces. The viruses can survive for months in the environment, and can be transmitted to pet rabbits by:
• Hay which may have been in contact with infected wild rabbits as grass growing in the field.
• Birds or insects may transport the virus on their feet (or in their droppings) to your rabbit grazing on the lawn.
• The virus may be blown on the wind.
• You might bring the virus home on your hands, clothes or feet, or your other pets’ feet (or car wheels) from infected wild rabbit droppings.

Myxomatosis is a horrible disease that is almost always fatal. One outward sign of infection is swollen, red and scabby eyelids. The main route of infection is through fleas and mosquitoes that have previously bitten an infected rabbit. Direct contact with infected rabbits can also spread the disease. All pet rabbits – indoors or outdoors – are at risk. Rabbits living outside (especially if wild rabbits enter the garden) are at especially high risk.

We are fortunate that effective vaccinations are available and it is possible to protect your bunny from both of these diseases. Two vaccinations need to be given 2 weeks apart. Boosters are needed yearly to keep up protection, although the VHD 2 vaccination can be given every 6 months for rabbits at high risk.

April book sale

Thanks to everyone who bought books in April raising £54 for PDSA. They were running a campaign for veterinary practices to raise £1 a Day in April so we smashed the target!

During May & June we will be raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society.