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Other Services

Puppy Preschool – Since 2004 I have supervised the practices ever popular Puppy Preschool. I firmly believe that a well-managed puppy socialisation class has many potential benefits including good early experience with other dogs (I will carefully match your puppy with others of appropriate size and temperament for short small group introductions), positive experience of the Veterinary Practice (we frequently recognise our puppy preschool graduates when they bound in delighted to be visiting the vet) and a chance for owners to ask all those questions that you are bound to have with a new puppy and compare notes.

Each puppy will attend 4 sessions each covering a different topic and giving lots of advice on both medical and behavioural issues. At the end of every session each puppy gets a goody bag full of useful information and a small gift.

Nervous Dogs – One of my aims is to improve the veterinary experience for our patients. If your dog is worried coming to the Vet please call to discuss this with me and we will formulate a plan to reduce this anxiety. If you mention to reception when booking that your dog is anxious they will do their best to book you a longer appointment with me at a quiet time of day so that we can give your pet the time that they need. Please bring with you their favourite toys or treats and anything else that may help them relax.

In addition two of our Veterinary nurses run anxious dog clinics aimed at helping your dog to relax and enjoy their veterinary experience. This is a free service. If you think your dog would benefit contact me and I will arrange a booking.

Cat only Clinics – These are available on request and can be a good option for cats who find the proximity of dogs worrying. Please let reception know if you would like to attend a cat only clinic