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Most of our patients will be treated as day cases and go home the same evening. However there are occasions when an animal will need to stay with us for longer. No matter how long your pets stay we endeavour to make it as comfortable as possible. We have a range of different sized kennels to suit all pets from small mammals right through to Great Danes. All animals are provided with comfortable bedding and we stock a range of diets to suit the individual pet’s preference and the requirement of their illness. One of our Nurses is assigned each day to the care of inpatients and day cases in the kennel area.

Animals recovering from anaesthetic as well as those with some diseases often need to be kept warm and we have a range of heat pads to suit different pets.

In addition to these facilities we also have a heated oxygen cage which allows us to provide a humidified oxygen enriched environment for animals with respiratory disease with the minimum of stress.

We encourage telephone calls from you to enquire about your pet’s progress and welcome visits for long-stay patients.