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PDSA Pet Practice Service

PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity, caring for the pets of needy people by providing free veterinary services for their sick and injured animals. PDSA Pet Practice services are entirely dependant on contributions from the general public.

Castle Veterinary Group is a registered PSDA Pet Practice practice, providing PDSA-funded treatment on their behalf. Once a client’s pet is registered with the PDSA their treatment is free of charge, although clients are always asked to make a donation to PDSA to help towards the costs.

PDSA will only register clients who are in receipt of means-tested help with rent or Council Tax. Each PDSA Pet Practice has its own designated catchment area, defined by postcodes. Ours are PL15, PL16 and PL32-35. Unfortunately any other types of benefits or other postcode areas cannot be accepted. To find your nearest PDSA Pet Practice Services or to enquire about eligibility, phone free on 0800 731 2502 or visit

Eligible pet owners must register their pets in advance to guarantee PDSA funded treatment. You can pick up an application form from the practice, which you need to complete and return to the practice. The form must be accompanied by a postal order and proof of your benefit. You must then book a PDSA health check appointment so that a vet can assess the condition of your pet before we submit your application. If your application is accepted you will be sent a certificate which you must produce every time your pet visits the practice, as PDSA funded treatment cannot be given without it.

PDSA Pet Practice services are restricted to companion animals kept in the home or in a hutch. Only one pet per household can be registered on the PDSA scheme.

PDSA Pet Practice Service does not cover:

Out of hours call-out fees.
Neutering healthy pets.
Prescription pet food.
Laboratory tests not essential for diagnosis.
Referrals to specialists.
Health checks.
Pregnancy diagnosis.
House calls.
Postmortem examinations.