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ALLY® Support for YOU at Castle Veterinary Group LTD

The loss of a much loved pet can have a devastating effect on your life in various ways. Feelings of intense grief, loneliness, bewilderment and guilt may even affect your health and wellbeing.

ALLY® attends to your needs during this difficult time by offering a unique support service to fully acknowledge your loss.

Castle Veterinary Group is one of the first veterinary practices in the country to recognise the value of this concept for their clients, and to have membership with ALLY®

 Sue Mann and Loren Jackson at this practice have completed the accredited ALLY® training course to become registered ALLY® supporters. Complementing the existing care already provided at Castle Veterinary Group, they will focus on helping you prepare, manage and adjust to the loss of your beloved animal.

This may be when your animal has…

  • a life-threatening illness
  • a terminal illness
  • died suddenly
  • quality of life issues
  • been lost or stolen
  • suffered a traumatic injury
  • to reluctantly be given up.

For further information about this service please ask the team at Castle Veterinary Group and visit our website at