GDPR Policy

Data Collection 

The Castle Veterinary Group will only collect data that allows us to care for your pets and animals and continue to offer you an outstanding service. We aim to collect only relevant data to undertake our tasks and will not ask you to divulge any more personal information than is necessary nor will we collect information from any minors. Our work will include ongoing care and further reminders to preventative care of animals.

We will share our privacy information by relevant means by either sharing electronically, in paper form or by displaying our statement in our receptions.

We will collect information digitally through our web-based services, over the telephone and in person at our surgeries. At all times we will uphold the highest standards of protection to your personal information.

Data of animals is not covered under GDPR.

Data Storage 

All personal data will be stored on our secure servers and protected from external attack by up to date firewalls and malware. Where data is carried on mobile devices (tablets, laptops, phones) all will be secured by passwords and encryption where possible. Every care is taken to ensure the security of personal identifiable information. Where client’s information is utilised for training purposes or research, we will ensure that it is anonymised. Where data is stored in hard form, we will ensure that it is further secured at our premises and disposed of relevantly, timely and securely.

Data Archiving and Deleting

We will archive all dormant data after five years and delete and irrelevant and dormant archived data after seven years.

Client records that have an outstanding debt against them will not be archived or deleted and we retain the right to keep this data for our records and security. This in no way effects client’s rights but does safeguard The Castle Veterinary Group in the future.

Clients may request access to a full copy of all information held on them and we will respond within one month of receiving the request. We will make this response free of charge, however if excessive (more than 3 in any 12 month period) or unreasonable requests are found to be made we will levy a charge per request – this will be agreed at the time of asking.

Clients may request that we delete all information that we retain on them and we will honour these requests within one month except where an account may have an outstanding amount against it or where an account has been passed to a collection agency or small claims court.

The Castle Veterinary Group reserves this right to safeguard itself for the future.

Data Quality

The Castle Veterinary Group will always endeavour to maintain their data records and ensure that all information held is current and correct. We will work with our clients and suppliers to ensure that as an ongoing process all information is continually monitored through our online services and as clients visit our practices.

Data Sharing

The Castle Veterinary Group will not share any of your personal identifiable information with any third parties unless you have expressly given your consent for it to be used in the said manner. We will use your contact information to remind you of appointments and for when treatments are due for your animals; we will further reserve the right to use your information to recover any costs that are due on your account.